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9600 Highway 9
Ben Lomond CA 95005
Tel: 831- 336 -5188
Tuesday-Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday & Saturday 4pm-10pm
Sunday noon-9pm

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Bronze in front of the tyrolean InnSo many satisfied customers have told us our Tyrolean Inn Restaurant is by far one of the best restaurants in Santa Cruz County. Since we’re the only German and Bavarian restaurant in Santa Cruz County, locals wanting delicious authentic Geräucherte Forelle (Smoked trout served with toasted German farmers bread and horseradish cream), Gebackene Champignons (Breaded mushrooms with salad garnish), Badische Weinbergschnecken (Escargot with shallots in white wine sauce, served with French bread), Saurer Hering (Herring with sour cream , capers and salad garnish), Heißes Bauernschmankerl (Toasted farmers bread with garlic, bacon, tomato and mozzarella cheese), Würstelgrösti (Polish, bockwurst, garlic, and Nürnberger sausage sampler, sliced and sautéed with onions, tomatoes & bell peppers), Sauerbraten (Marinated roast, served with red cabbage and bread dumpling), Rindsrouladen (Rolled beef with bacon, mustard, onion and pickle, served with vegetables and potatoes), Schwabenteller ( Swabian style meat (beef and pork) in a mushroom gravy sauce, served with spätzle and vegetables), Gulasch (Thick Hungarian beef stew, served with spätzle and a salad), Kassler Rippchen (Two smoked pork chops, served with sauerkraut and potatoes), Bauernschmaus ( One smoked pork chop, one Polish sausage and two Nürnberger sausages, with sauerkraut and potatoes), Teller ( Choice of one Bockwurst or Polish sausage and two Nürnberger sausages, served with sauerkraut and potatoes), Käsepätzle ( Housemade spätzle with cheese and roasted onions, served with a salad), Zwiebelrostbraten (Black Angus New York steak topped with sautéed onions, served with cheese spätzle and vegetables), Schweinshaxe ( Knuckle of pork served with bread dumpling and red cabbage), Kassler Rippchen mit Senfsosse ( Smoked pork loin in a creamy brown mustard sauce, served with potatoes and vegetables), Linguini mit Schnitzelstreifen (Linguini with pork loin strips in an apricot-cognac-cream sauce, served with a salad), Forelle Müllerin (Trout sauté with a brown butter lemon sauce, served with rice and vegetables), Wienerschnitzel (Breaded pork cutlets, with fried potatoes and a salad), Cordon Bleu (Smoked ham and Swiss cheese layered between lightly breaded pork cutlets, served with fried potatoes and a salad), Jägerschnitzel (Tender cutlets of pork in a creamy mushroom sauce, served with spätzle and vegetables), Bayrischer Toast (Bavarian toast with roasted pork, mushrooms, bacon and onions, served with salad garnish), Holzfäller Pfanne (Steak of pork, onions, mushrooms and bacon in a spicy tomato sauce, served with potatoes), Zigeunerschnitzel (Tender pork loin in a spicy red and green bell pepper/onion sauce, served with fried potatoes and salad), Schweinskotlett in Biersosse (Pork chops with dark beer sauce, served with potatoes and red cabbage), Hühnerschnitzel (Breaded chicken schnitzel, with fried potatoes and salad), Pfälzer Hähnchen (Boneless chicken breasts in a mushroom, onion, ham cream sauce, served with rice and vegetables), Bayrische Schlachtplatte (Bavarian plate for two: sauerkraut, red cabbage, 2 smoked pork loin, 2 nürnberger, 1polish, 1 bratwurst, 1 smoked pork chop, dumpling and fried potatoes), Tyrolean Schmeckerplatte (One slice of smoked pork loin, 1 Cordon Bleu, 1 Bockwurst, 1 slice saurbraten, with spatzle, saurkraut and red cabbage, can find it on our dinner menu along with Salatschüssel mit Hühnerstreifen (Large mixed salad topped with strips of chicken), Caesar Salad (Dinner sized classic Caesar with an anchovy / with chicken breast), Vegetarische Platte Tiroler Art (Vegetarian plate Tyrolean style with spätzle, potatoes, red cabbage, sauerkraut, vegetables and a side of mushroom gravy ), Blumenkohl und Brokkoli überbacken (Gratin of cauliflower, broccoli and potatoes), Linguini mit Gemüse und Kräuternt (Linguini with fresh vegetables and herbs, served with a salad), Gegrilltes Gemüse (Grilled seasonal vegetables with polenta and side of tomato sauce) for a lighter dinner choice.

Tyrolean Inn InformationCustomers also come for the delicious authentic Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes with apple sauce on the side), Kartoffeln(Fried potatoes), Gemüse (Mixed seasonal vegetables), Spätzle (Swabian noodles), Semmelknödel ( Bread dumpling), Blaukraut (Red cabbage), Sauerkraut, Kleiner Salat (Choice of Caesar salad or German Salad (Greens with marinated cauliflower, cucumber, carrot and dill dressing ), Käsespätzle (Cheese noodles), Wurst (Bockwurst sausage, 1 Polish sausage or 2 Nürnberger sausages), Warmer Kartoffelsalat mit Speck (Large chunks of potato with onion, bacon, and herbs in a sweet-n-sour style dressing, served warm).

Family dining is a pleasure because children love to eat our delicious and healthy Batzi Teller (Small tender breaded pork cutlet with fried potatoes), Pumuckl Teller (Kid’s portion of noodles with ham in a parmesan cream sauce), Fischer’s Fritz (Fish sticks served with fried potatoes), Kleine Schwabe (Spätzle with a brown sauce), Kleine Wurstplatte (Polish and Nürnberger sausages, served with fried potatoes), Gemischtes Eis (2 scoops of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate) with chocolate sauce and whipped cream).
At The Tyrolean Inn, authentic and traditional desserts as well as old favorites such as Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel, warm or cold / with vanilla ice cream), Bayerische Crème (Bavarian style mousse flavored with kirschwasser, served with a berry coulis), Nußcrepes (Chocolate-hazelnut crepes in apricot-brandy sauce), Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cake), Vanilleeis mit Heißen Himbeeren (Hot raspberries served with vanilla ice cream and whipping cream), Gemischtes Eis (2 scoops of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate) with chocolate sauce and whipping cream), Eis mit Schnapps (One scoop of vanilla ice cream with your choice of schnapps) are served for your enjoyment.

Authentic Bavarian MusicWe are proud to accept our customers’ opinions that we have the best German restaurant in Northern California with the most authentic, delicious, affordable, German food this side of Bavaria. Always featuring Austrian and German culinary treasures. As the most romantic of Santa Cruz's restaurants, you can romance your sweetheart in unique Bavarian style. Here you will be treated to a full bar with eight German beers on tap, fine local and international wines, regional wines, German wines, Austrian wines, German schnapps and a wide variety of liqueurs all under one roof.

The Tyrolean Inn, with authentic Bavarian cuisine is very kid friendly. Adjacent to our restaurant is our own unique kids play area, including a bounce house during the summer. At The Tyrolean Inn we understand that children are a part of the family too, so we set up kids activities at our festivals (oktoberfest, maifest, summerfest, sommerfest, octoberfest. live german music, authentic german bands, gemutlichkeit, hearty bavarian fare ) and maintain a great low cost kids menu. Kids love the Tyrolean Inn which means parents can take their time and love the Tyrolean Inn too. Pets are welcome on the patio at the Tyrolean Inn and are given a dish of water to drink.

The best place to enjoy a authentic Bavarian (on-tap) beer in the summer is on our patio, under the redwoods. Want some romance in the redwoods? We’ve got it. Come to the Tyrolean Inn to see amazing statuary and beautiful antiques from Northern Italy. See beautiful geraniums throughout our gardens. Keep an eye out for some whimsical bronze statuary and a giant bronze bear too.

The driveway entrance to the Tyrolean Inn is decorated with an amazing bronze artwork of kids playing in the park. Throughout our grounds look for artworks of gryphon & lions, fountains and beautiful Italian faux brick stucco wall. Check out Ben Lomond’s huge redwood tree growing right up through the restaurant. Decorations throughout the Tyrolean Inn include German kitsch, German sayings, German phrases, German cuckoo clocks, German art, beer steins, liter boots and beer boots.
Enjoy outdoor feasting and partying at the Tyrolean Inn outside tables. Enjoy heat lamps, outdoor dining and seating, beer collectables, a artistic wine cask, wine barrels, beer pennants, umbrellas for covered seating, atrium seating. Also come see our display of animal trophy heads while having a cocktail at our outside bar. Come to the Tyrolean Inn and check out our extensive and eclectic collection of antique steins.

Friends having fun!The Tyrolean Inn has grown in popularity as the choice location for wedding rehearsal dinners and a variety of special events. We host fun and awesome birthday celebrations, bar mitzvah, engagement parties and of course wedding receptions. Gemutlichkeit (coziness) is what you will experience for a special romantic dinner with that special someone.

Sharing German beer is fun with your friends. Try beer before you buy and start with a Tyrolean Inn special beer sampler order. Come to The Tyrolean Inn for the authentic German Bavarian food and fine family dining experience and enjoy original paintings, antique etchings and watercolors, brass etching of german scenery, historical german images
Come to the family friendly Tyrolean Inn for authentic and special events such as Oktoberfest, Maifest, Summerfest, Live German Music performed by authentic german bands.

Special meals include hearty Bavarian fare, wild game specials such as venison, elk, rabbit, pheasant, and boar. fresh locally caught fish, vegetarian items and special orders are no problem.

Reservations are accepted and welcomed.

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We love our reviewers, like qx t from Los Gatos who in January this year said, “We stopped in here a few weeks ago because I was craving for a good, hearty schnitzel. On a cold day like that night, the place was so warm and cozy, it was just the right ambiance that we we were looking for. Schnitzel - check. Beer - check. Live accordion player - check. Dirndls - check. Fireplace - check. For a moment there, I forgot I was eating in Ben Lomond. I could have sworn I was in Austria!”

Also our wonderful customers and reviewers from Santa Clara, San Jose, Mountain View, Woodside, Redwood City, Felton, Belmont, Soquel, Capitola, Watsonville, Aptos, Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Seaside, Los Gatos, Boulder Creek, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, the Bay Area and our international customers. More customer comments include, “"I love heading down to Santa Cruz mountains and I will definitely be back”, "The black forest cake and apple strudel are both standouts.", "I've heard this is fabulous and has the BEST apple strudel."

Other reviewers on said “After having driven past several times in the past few years, this weekend we decided to give the Tirolean Inn a try for a late lunch. I lived in Germany in the past, so I have an idea about what to expect from certain dishes (and even beers ;). I was never sure if this restaurant was going to be a gimmick or indeed the real deal. Well, I can say unreservedly that this restaurant is one of the best we've tried in the entire (extended) Bay Area. Excellent food, friendly and keen service, and a good selection of German beer. Even the red cabbage was awesome. We'll not hesitate to make the 50 mile round trip again for a lazy weekend brunch.”

Some more helpful comments can be read at and, “My father in law is German so for his birthday we always go here to celebrate. We love the food my husband always get the beef dish which is very tasty and tender. The place has great atmosphere snuggled in the redwoods.”

Also from, Erik comments “the 1st Thursday of each month is Bavarian Buffet night - all you can eat of dozens of courses including dessert.”

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